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What is IMAB?

The Intergrid Metaverse Art Biennial (IMAB) is a six-month long metaverse Art Festival.

It spans many worlds - InWorldz, OSGrid,  Craft, Metropolis and other Open Sim grids, and Second Life.  

It is an historic first, celebrating the new art of the evolving Metaverse. It offers a challenge to the artists and arts lovers who have not yet explored this new frontier for creative expression.

See the creative opportunities to view, immerse, create! Open a new palette of scripting, texturing, animating and building tools! Make art across the boundaries of nations, art forms, grids - come and explore!


Would you like to participate?  

It is simple and free to make an account. 

TO ADD YOURSELF AS AN ARTIST, click on the link to the right, and follow the tutorial.

Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We offer:

  • a dynamic website directory of artists, where you can post pictures and descriptions of your art, poetry, literature, music links etc.
  • a long-term series of festivals, exhibitions and open house events, where you can network, explore and share ideas
  • an E-book (available also in print), published at the end of the first round of the expo, which will include a catalog of all the participating artists.


Need Help? Got questions

Contact your local IMAB team member:

Alizarin Goldflake (InWorldz)
Efrantirise Morane (Second Life, Metropolis, Craft)
Galen Dreamrezzer (OSgrid)
Josina Burgess (Second Life, Metropolis, OSgrid)
Junivers Stockholm  (Second Life)
Lena Vanili (Metropolis)
Licu Rau (Craft)
Medora Chevalier (Second Life, InWorldz, Metropolis)
Ruben Haan (OSGrid)
Tao Quan (Craft)
Thirza Ember (Second life, InWorldz, OSGrid, opensim)
Velazquez Bonetto (Second Life, Metropolis)
Wanda Shigella (Metropolis)
Zak Spot (Metropolis)


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