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Dear friends,
on 10.November 2012, at 15:00 MEZ (14:00 UTC or 06:00 SL time), there will be the vernissage of H. J. Kaeppeler's exhibition "Eschatological landscapes" on Cyberbohemia in OSgrid.
The exhibition contains 40+ photographic pictures from the german artist H. J. Kaeppeler. Mr. Kaeppeler has a deep psychological, spiritual, philosophical and scientific wisdom that can be seen in each of his pictures. They are no "fastfood" art. We call them intelligent artwork, and they ask the visitor to take his/her time, and to go into deep contemplation and dialogue with them, to explore their meaning and their beauty.
The word “Eschatological” comes from the Greek eschatos meaning “farthest, last, ultimate” and logos meaning “word, doc­trine”. Thus, “Eschatol­ogy” is the theological doctrine concerning the “Ultimate Things”, the end of the world and the fate of mankind. Eschatology also is used in connection with questions such as pro and contra God and the fate of the individual. Eschatological Land­scapes hence are pictures of “fantasy worlds”, which try to express philosophical thoughts on such subjects.
Mr. Kaeppeler started his work on the subject of Eschato­logical Landscapes 24 years ago, first with con­ventional photography in the studio, arranging setups on a special studio “table”. Since 2003 he composes pictures on the com­puter, using his numerous photographs as element sources.
During the vernissage, we will listen to a live audio stream from H. J. Kaeppeler, where he talks about the exhibition, his art and his career as an artist. You will have the chance to talk with the artist via voicechat or text chat. The livestream will be in english and/or german, depending on the demand of the visitors.
In the evening, starting 21:00 MEZ (20:00 UTC, 12:00 SL time), we will celebrate the traditional afterhour exhibition party on Cyberbohemia with a music mix of some of the finest progressive Trance by DJ Galen.
These events are part of IMAB 2012 (Intergrid Metaverse Arts Biennial 2012) which takes place in several grids with various events from 10.2012-03.2013).
We are looking forward to welcome you to this special event.
Cyberbohemia, Galen

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