CW Building Contest

  * Craft Building competition *
Start: (17/01/13)
Judging: (25-26/1/13)
First prize (overall winner): (1/4 Sim free for one year + TROPHY)
Second prize (technique):    (TROPHY)
Third prize (creativity):          (TROPHY)

Publicity = GeR Osinie, Settima Sideshow
JUDGES:  These judges are skilled and inpartial.
Judges still to be agreed


The theme is:

The Theme is broad enough so everyone can express his/her skills, imagination, technique,
creativity, madness...
You'll be judged upon these criteria.

Allowed techniques: primitives, sculpties, textures, scripts, Mesh.
    - 100 primitives max
    - volume 10x10x50
    - creator's name: You
    - last owner: You
    - owner: you
    - term: 7 days(18/01/13 -> 24/01/13)
    - permissions: at least modify, transfer
    - You may put your creation in an Open Box if required
You'll give your build to GeR Orsini by Midnight of (24/01/13) at the latest.

You can build anywhere you want, if you have difficulty finding a place please let GeR Orsini know and he will be able to help.

Every creation will be displayed on the sim Suq (you will be given the landmark).
The top 10 entries will be displayed on the sim Suq for 3 weeks after the competition and may be sold/shared anywhere after the jury's deliberations are completed.  Presentations will be given at the celebration of Craft's Birthday on the 27th January.
Craft Building Competition rankings may be used by creators to advertize their products.

The success of the competition depends on you!  Your support will allow us to repeat this event regularly, with new themes.

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