30/9/2012 The CARP sims on Metropolis Grid welcome one of SL's  better known artists, Rebeca Bashly.

Fabrica is a grim, masculine industrial complex on massive scale which holds a mirror to the artist behind the work. "It is part of me, what I think, what I feel, what I have, what I dream," says Bashly. "It's not really complicated."

Judge for yourself the complexity or otherwise of Fabrica, starting this evening, European time, on grid Metropolis.

CARP-Ebook: http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/ma_rebeca_bashly

Article by Flora Nordenskiold

For a teleport from other open grids copy & paste the following link in your local chat and click on it:


With a Metropolis avatar use this link to teleport:



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