As part of the Intergrid Metaverse Arts Biennial 2012, the Community Library on Delphi in InWorldz is having a grand opening of their largest exhibit to date. Library board members, consultants and artists will be at the region at 1:00 pm PST/IWT to give tours or discuss the builds and book collection. At 1:15pm PST, Storyteller Kaikilani KaLeoNani will read stories of fae and fantasy. From 2:30pm to 4:00pm PST, DJ Astoria Luminos will entertain us with Celtic and New Age dance music. Fantasy dress is optional.
Books in the Fantasy Exhibit 3rd Floor of library
The mission of the Community Library is to serve the InWorldz community's needs and wants. The Fantasy Exhibit is the work of several artists, builders, and librarians. For this exhibit we wanted to have not only books in the category of fantasy, but also several immersive fantasy environments built by artists and builders on InWorldz.

Our immersive environments built on over half of the sim are built by Tiana Genesis, Alizarin Goldflake, soror Nishi, Elwing Qendra, Strand Starsider, Miso Susanowa and Quadrapop Tree.



Cave entrance by Tiana Genesis and The Dark Side house by Quadrapop TreeAlizarin Goldflake exhibit In the Lair of the Silvery Snakes

Tiana Genesis built the lovely Elven forest, cave, and treetop terraces complete with a storytelling area. Over 40 books were created and are on the third floor of the library building. Dawn Greymyst produced the bulk of the books and Amvans Lapiz, Jillian2000 Quintessa and Agnesa Capalini assisted. Dawn also created a number of cutouts in fantasy dress and two slideshows about fantasy. Snoots Dwagon of Elf Clan loaned the library his beautiful collection of Elven swords.

View of library from Faery Sanctuary















Wolf Hartnell built a model and helped us get started. Strand Starsider built an underwater mermaid venue by the plaza that is complete with his Mer dances. There is more, but you need to visit the Community Library!

Underwater venue for mermaids

Community Library Fantasy Exhibit entrance:

Updated events for this will be posted on the Community Library website:

YouTube video of the library by Adam01Time Time:


Storytelling area entrance:

Library books exhibit on 3rd floor:

Links below are for past publicity about the Community library

** ACRL Virtual World Interest Group tour of library in August 14, 2012 - slideshow created by Valibrarian Gregg.

**Steampunk exhibit and tour at the Community Library - Machinima by Valibrarian Gregg in June 2012

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