Yichard and Ilianor - Story Hour

"Yichard Muni and Ilianor Illios - Story Hour" will be held on January 26, 2013, from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm on the "City of Light" sim, InWorldz: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Magics%20Dreams/130/130/767   Yichard Muni and Ilianor Illios will combine their separate talents to create a rare kind of event, storytelling with music. While the story stimulates the imagination to envision heavenly worlds, the harp compliments the story with angelic cascades of musical notes. The event will be set in Ilianor's wonderful sim, "City of light," with a forested landscape full of animals and fairies.

Yichard Muni is from Aveyron in southern France. He has been interested in writing and painting for a long time.  His work in both media reflect his vision of a beautiful world where wisdom and kindness have superceded violence and egocentricity. The work conveys a spiritual message about how to realize such a world on Earth now or at least after death.  His writings include several short novels, some long novels or comics in varied styles spanning fantasy-elven themes, science-fiction, economics,  and philosophy.    In Second Life Yichard was involved with several elven groups and took an active part in the agreeable social life.  He is now mostly in Inworldz,  where he leads "Elf Dream" and "Elven bards and story tellers," a group for publicizing his events. He often tell stories while Ilianor Illios plays the harp.

Yichard's links: The Elves of the Dauriath: http://www.shedrupling.org/art/daur/sojen.php

Other elven stories: http://www.shedrupling.org/art/lotr/revelfic.php 

Three science-fiction novels: http://www.shedrupling.org/art/sf/dum.php

The marvellous world of the Eolis, comic + novel: http://www.planet-eolis.net/index.php

The A long humorous scifi comic (adult): http://www.likpa.com

Ilianor Illios is from Turin in in Northern Italy. She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Turin and received a  degree in classical guitar.  She also studied ancient music  using replicas of 16th century instruments.  She has played Baroque music for many years in an ensemble.

She now teaches the language of music to nursery and primary school children. She holds an international education licence to teach in the method of Edgar Willems.

In recent years she has taken up the  Celtic harp and now plays with a quartet of harpists and also with an ensemble that includes bagpipe, guitar, flute, accordion, and hurdy-gurdy.  The group plays ancient, medieval, and traditional-Celtic music with a repertoire from Britain, France, Scotland, and Ireland.  They also play traditional music from northern Italy.  She enjoys composing modern ambient music as well and singing contemporary songs.

In Second Life and recently in InWorldz Ilianor  builds lovely and imaginative fantasy castles, crowns for elves, virtual harps and musical intruments, jewelry for men and women, and much more.  She has a popular store in SL and is owner of  the "City of Light" sim in IW.  Ilianor is known in role play sims as an Ainu maia from Tolkien licterature.

Ilianor's links:


https://soundcloud.com/#sonoariely/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaW-

SYPEJDk&feature=youtu.be http://vimeo.com/35814954 http://joan-virtuallife.blogspot.it/search?

q=ilianor http://imparafacile.ning.com/photo/photo/slideshow?albumId=2441770:Album:16004

http://vimeo.com/13072696 http://vimeo.com/search?q=ilianor+illios


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