biography Deruub Pastorelli (Ruben de Haan / Ruby)

In 2000 he moved to Rotterdam were he worked on several sound installations.
In 2005 he worked at noise releases using the name Ruby.
He made the recording "Amusie", moving away from the breakcore to a more harsh sound
and began to play in a more improvised way, which resulted in some outstanding concerts.
In 2007 he work at a project called Stapelstad where he had an expo of his paintings and some multimedia installations.
After that he got interested in the possibilitys of online worlds.
He did some noise acts in secondlife and started to explore the possibilities for installations.
Made installations at CARP, Banned and Ejected and "Lost  In The Grid" at Takkeherrie Garden.
Some centred themes in his works are consumerism, buyable identities and non-products.

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