Junivers is a composer. Often Medora Chevalier does the lyrics. He has worked with the international team CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Project). They made The Wall (Director Debbie Trilling). Then juni made the music to the Rings (directed by Velazquez Bonetto). Both shows ran for many months. The latest music production is a version of Bolero made for CARP.  Now and then juni plays live. He plays his original music. He sometimes uses backtracks for which he composed and played/programmed all the instruments. He has a wide range of styles - some with vocals and some instrumental. He started his music career in SL by using only playable SL instruments. He formed 2 bands, SL ART Ensemble and Worldpeacejammers. Sometimes the jammers come together and do some SL jams. But juni has done a lot of other things as well. He worked with the 6 days Human Rights festival and the 9 days Earth Week. He was in the core team together with Medora Chevalier and any1 Gynoid. He continues working with "making the world a better place" both as an arranger and a musician. Lately he also does The Lightshow together with the lightshow master Jannne Janus, choreographer Medora Chevalier and an international dance team.


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