Alizarin Goldflake specializes in Immersive Art (art meant to be viewed from inside) which depends heavily on her RL digital drawing skills. Her tools include Corel Painter, Photoshop, and ArtRage software, and a pressure-sensitive digitizing tablet and stylus.   She also employs scripts, sculpties, and sounds in her virtual art.

Alizarin showed in her SL studio, Atelier Alizarin, until it closed this year, as well as solo and group shows in SL galleries.  She currently owns a sim in InWorldz.  "Acquarella Rising" will open on September 7 as part of the Intergrid Metaverse Arts Biennial.

Alizarin has been a professional visual artist in Real Life for a long time.  Her work is included in many museum, corporate, and private collections.  Please visit for more info.

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