400 years ago artists came together in Italy to create the first performance of new work that brought together music, drama, dance and the visual arts – a form that became known as opera.

In the 21st century virtual reality is home to new forms of artistic collaboration in which national and art form boundaries disappear. New forms, as yet unnamed, emerge. And new forms of social connection reach across the globe, addressing the pressing challenges of human survival and the urgent choices we must make for survival.

The Change is a work created in Second Life by a multinational team within the Cybernetic Art Research Project (C.A.R.P). It has been developed through months of collaboration from a conception by junivers Stockholm & Medora Chevalier. junivers composed the music and Medora wrote the libretto. Velazquez created the fantastical staging and scripting and Josina created the costumes.

The CHANGE is about the huge challenge and choice facing our world - will we continue the way we have to one future, or change and switch direction to reach a different future? The show uses symbolic imagery and the audience is led by a dark and a light shaman into alternative futures. They take us voyaging into other realities - into the distant future and into the distant past. They challenge us - what have we done? Is it too late? And rush us towards the urgent choices we face now - shall we awake or shall we die?

The code of good society, represented by the great Siennese artist Lorenzetti in his allegory in the Palazzo Publico is an inspiration. The good society can only emerge when power is linked to justice through the hands of the citizens. It is citizens who hold power to account. Will we build the good society or wander blindly to our doom?

The CHANGE is a creation of an international team  - junivers Stockholm (Sweden) and Medora Chevalier  (UK) (concept, direction, music, libretto),  Josina Burgess (Netherlands) and Velazquez Bonetto (World cityzen) (Carp founders, build, staging, scripts & costumes). They work with a dedicated cast of performers: Angelique Menoptra, USA; Carl Solutionary, USA;   Efrantirise Morane, Italy;  TheDove Rhode, USA;  Warpy Centaur, Ireland;  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky, USA. They perform live and the camera system captures the show in distance and close up for the seated audience.

The team has worked together over many months to develop the show.

The 6th September is the 100th anniversary of the birth of architect Nicolas Schoeffer ,The Father of Cybernetic Art. The CHANGE will launch on that day in Benvolio,  Second Life, in his honour.

For more information contact any of the creators listed above.

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