Detail of "Gift of the Goddess" by Teal Freenote

I pursue personal and spiritual questions by creating visual images of ideas and emotion... and by creating word images of the visual and emotional. Works of art are the footprints of the artist's journey and, for me, art is the translation of that which often remains unspoken.

Detail of "InsideOutsideInfinite" by Teal FreenoteMy digital fine artwork is a synthesis of digital drawing and painting, photography and scanned items, often with an environmental theme. I explore the inner landscape -  layers of ideas, perceptions, beliefs and realties. The juxtaposition of that is seen and unseen, what is all around us and what is obscured by clutter, what we have and what we long for, what is material and what is spiritual, the beauty of the natural world and the unending irony of "development".

I pursue the same goals "virtually" in completely digital artwork inside the virtual online worlds of Second Life ® and InWorldz™.  In this totally new creative medium, I can interact with and show my work to people all over the world in a three dimensional online interactive environment. 

"How Dare You Dream" by Teal FreenoteMy virtual sculpture derives from dream and symbolic imagery around emotional and spiritual feelings, and lately is branching out into more abstract explorations of philosphical and aesthetic principles. My virtual "photography" focuses on the wonders of virtual environments, experiences interacting with
virtual creations.

My real life digital fine art was featured in the Common Ground International Tour Collection, which was touring the world in 2008-2010.  My work is also featured in "Digital Art  Revolution"  by Scott Ligon, a book about creating digital art in Photoshop and developing a distinctive, personal approach to digital artwork. Scott interviewed me at my inworld gallery about my work and virtual art.

Detail of "Passage" by Teal FreenoteGallery Freenote is open in InWorldz™, and soon to open Dreamsinger Sculpture Gallery, a sim-sized  environment displaying the my sculptures from 5 years of virtual living. In Second Life ®, my work is exhibited in Gallery Freenote, Vista Hermosa Art Center, I AM Columbia College and other galleries.

Gallery Freenote InWorldz - Dreamwalker sim
Galllery Freenote Second Life - Magna Carta sim

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