Medora Chevalier is the founder, director and choreographer of the Imaginals dance group. She has created and performed the shows: Dance of Life, Alien Bolero, Dance for Change and Dance for Life.

Medora works with junivers Stockholm as librettist and creator of shows such as The Change and the Rings and for live performances with music, poetry and dance.

Medora is also a poet, storyteller and campaigner and founded the Imagine Network in SL with junivers Stockholm and Any1 Gynoid. The Imagine Network has organised Human Rights Festival, Earth Week, Imagine Peace Fest and other events.

The Imagine Network works for a better world, with human rights, social and environmental justice for all. Connecting people to people, group to group, and network to network. It is about awareness and imagination, identifying the root causes of the big toxic global problems facing us;  helping find solutions; helping people act together in cooperation. It looks to stimulate left and right brain; to seek inspiration and understanding, to use creativity and information.

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