French multimedia and transmedia artist born in 1957 Yann Minh describe himself as a "noonaute" a noosphere explorer. 

He brought many art works from his "noopérégrinations", including an immersive multimedia installation "Media ØØØ" (1983) which discribe  a virtual world and was showed in Paris, at the Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou . 

His 30 years of NooExplorations, art works, video art and computer graphic movies are centered around cyberculture,  cyberspace, Science-Fiction, persistent worlds, eroticism and BDSM. 

As well as multimedia museographies, tv documentaries, websites, real time or precomputed interactive 3D for Websites. 

Yann Minh has also written a cyberpunk science-fiction novel published in 1997 by Florent-Massot, describing a cyberspace. 

In recent years Yann Minh is very invested in the persistence worlds and the FPS where he is transferring his noomuseum, an hypermedia net of art galeries.

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