Curators Statement

Betty Tureaud is an artist of the modern age; she puts down the paint brush and canvas in order to experience art on a different level. Tureaud uses Second life as her canvas and a simple swipe and click of the mouse is her brush. In today’s modern age college student are tethered to their computers or smart devices, so it’s no surprise to see that Tureaud’s work had an appealing quality to the cultural team.

About Betty Tureaud

Betty Tureaud is a 3D artist born in Denmark. Betty went to various art schools while growing up and realized her love and talent for 3D art. Betty began using Second Life because it was a free program and it allowed her to show off her work to the world. Betty also enjoys painting with acrylics on a canvass but admits that her true love is with Second Life.  Betty is one of those people that uses their art to express who they really are.

“Art is an expression from me to you.” –Betty Tureaud

About Betty Tureaud’s Oeuvre

Betty Tureaud’s work has been described as “dreamscapes” before and it is a very fitting title.  Her pieces are very ethereal and evoke the same kind of feelings that are associated with dreams.  She has even said that she is actually trying to make dreams and they are a huge inspiration for her.  Dreams, however, aren’t her only inspiration.  Her piece “9 Steps to Heaven” is sort of her own take on the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Betty does an amazing job of taking different aspects of real life and weaving them together to create wonderful dream-like experiences on Second Life <p>

Bettys contribusion to IMAB is Mills of Lights in the metaworld Inworldz found on this location:


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