I developed a class on photography and citizen journalism for New Citizens Inc. The photography portion was really about art; photography is the art of light and composition! My class is still taught, my contribution lives on! And in another way, I published my lecture with class graphics in my 1st SL book, Always Have Fun!  My 2nd SL book is an activist party cookbook! Hee Hee!

Of course, the teacher always learns the most... my photographic art benefited immensely from reviewing the class basics for NCI students every week for over a year!

PICTURE CAPTIONS: Both images are from the CARP show Alien Bolero ( more show info: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-507041 ); these images were very useful for teaching, and also to appreciate as art. The image above needed a tune up! The problem was that the Alien Bolero set is very colorful, but the alien characters are not. I did not want to lose the colorfulness, but I needed to make my character the star! I started with a very bland composition, cropped it aggressively, and heighten the contrast to 100%. Now the Alien practically pops out of the frame into 3D! Voila!

Below is another image from the set of Alien Bolero. I maneuvered my camera into an enclosed space far above the stage, a place an avatar could not enter. This shot powerfully merges line and depth!



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