Rezzed late in 2006. I am owner of Artemisia, home of the FreeWee’s Laboratory and the Treehouse at Artemisia music venue.  Research Fellow with the University of Western Australia, and Curator of the UWA 3D Art Challenges. Member of the Caerleon Art Collective.

A musicologist by education. In rl I have been involved with using technology in support of educational, arts, and cultural organizations for over 30 years. I have a broad knowledge of all the arts, though the depth varies.

Note:  I do not use voice in SL for several good, personal reasons. Please do not ask for voice interviews.

My purpose in life (any life) is to serve the muse. We exist to experience creation. Much of my professional life has involved trying to get people to see, experience, and honor the anti-entropic creative life force.  My mission as both an artist and a curator is to point to things and say “look at this”.

As an artist, I am an idea manipulator.  A conceptual cubist. Most of my work is clearly derivative and I’ll readily explain my influences affecting it.  I often work by deconstructing an idea and exploring how to use it in novel ways. My laboratory on Artemisia shows a lot of my many creations. I don’t call it a gallery because most of the objects there are unfinished or experimental and little of it is for sale.

My complete bio can be seen on my website.

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