Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer

Alpha Auer is one of the many metaverse avatars of Elif Ayiter, a designer, researcher and educator from Istanbul, where she holds a professorship at Sabanci University.

Her texts have been published at academic journals such as the Journal of Consciousness Studies, IJACDT, and Technoetic Arts and she has authored several book chapters in edited academic anthologies in her field. She has presented creative as well as research output at venues including ISEA2011, Siggraph, Creativity and Cognition, and Computational Aesthetics and Cyberworlds. Elif Ayiter holds a PhD from the CAiiA Hub of the Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University, UK;  and she is also the chief editor of the peer reviewed academic journal Metaverse Creativity with Intellect Journals, UK.

Alpha Auer is the CEO of the SL fashion store alpha.tribe and has participated in several SL exhibits, such as "SychroniCity," curated by Marc Moana and "Further Along the Path" curated by Bryn Oh. Together with MosMax Hax and Selavy Oh she has co-authored the" LPDT2/3" series of sim wide installations that were based upon Roy Ascott's concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. Both LPDT2, as well as LPDT3 have been exhibited at international, curated art exhibitions such as ISEA2011, and at the 2010 multimedia festival at Tomorrow City, Incheon, Korea in 2010, and were also exhibited during Roy Ascott's retrospective at the 2012 Shanghai Biennial.


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